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Riverboards in stock
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Riverboarding - an extreme, adrenaline rush similar to bodyboarding with the added thrill and challenge of whitewater. So if you enjoy rafting, now is the time to try riverboarding. Imagine riding a whitewater rapid, head first as the river surges beneath you and only you in control. A more intense experience than rafting, riverboarding compares favorably to kayaking as well. The learning curve is easier and costs significantly less. River boarding is called sledging in New Zealand, whitewater swimming by others and hydrofoil or hydrospeed in Europe. Whatever you call it, it's time to get wet - ride a ripboard!

Clear Creek whitewater park
Suzy @ Clear Creek Whitewater Park - Library Hole surfing

RipBoard inc. annoying kayakers since 1999, has introduced more people to the whitewater, adventureous sport of riverboarding than any other company. National Geographic Adventure magazine listed riverboarding as "one of the six sports we'll all be doing in a year." Maybe you read about riverboarding in the New York Times, Washington Post, Denver Post, Sunset magazine, 5280 or other media. Or maybe you saw someone riding a ripboard on a river, the Amazing Race, MSN,or 9News KUSA reporter Greg Moss taking a riverboarding lesson from founder Shane Bolling; this is your chance, get wet - ride a RipBoard!

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