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Whitewater Parks: Open

  • Clear Creek Whitewater Park- streamflows vary based on snowpack (best mid-May - August) in Golden, Colorado - 25 minute drive from downtown Denver. Ideal riverboarding conditions at flows greater than 250 cfs. RipBoard provides river boarding lessons at the park from mid-May till mid-August (as long as flows allow).
  • Glenwood Springs whitewater park - awesome surfing wave! The park is located on the Colorado river at the Midland Ave. bridge in West Glenwood Springs. Photos of the construction here
  • Buena Vista Whitewater Park - located on the Arkansas river in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado (2 1/2 hours west of Denver) this park recently expanded downstream into the new South Main Neighborhood development with 4 main in water structures and numerous eddy and trail improvements its on its way to becoming one of the premier whitewater parks in Colorado.
  • Lyons Whitewater Park - is located on the St. Vrain river in Lyons, Colorado and is an ideal place for beginners. The park has several easy surfing features complete with auto-load eddy currents so you can surf the wave as many times as you like. Peak runoff during the month of June is the best time to go riverboarding. The 2011 Lions whitewater festival was a hit.
  • Steamboat Springs Whitewater park - is a Class II section of the Yampa River, over 2 miles long through Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The park begins with a slalom course followed by several excellent rapids that provide great surfing opportunities. Later in the Summer this stretch has a lot of tubers and fishermen. The Yampa river should have ideal river boarding levels from late May through June and into early July. The Yampa whitewater festival is normally the third weekend of June
  • Pueblo Whitewater Park - on the Arkansas river in historic downtown Pueblo between Union Ave and West 4th Street. Home to the Pueblo Whitewater Festival in May - it's a great urban park for riverboarding and kayaking. Visit the Edge, Ski, Paddle & Pack for all your riverboaring and kayaking needs
  • Estes Park Whitewater park - brand new kayak course in Estes Park, CO. Phase One (800 foot long section) is now open.
  • Boulder Creek - in the Eben G. Fine park at the mouth of Boulder canyon in Boulder, Colorado. The 1/2 mile park has mostly pool drops so have your duck dive and squirt move ready. Flows are best during the peak runoff: May, June and early July.
  • Salida, CO - a 1/2 mile stretch of the Arkansas River in Salida offers several great surfing features and is home to the longest running whitewater festival in the country, FIBArk. Right next to the park is Headwaters Outdoor Equipment where you can rent boards.
  • Canon City Whitewater Park - located between Depot and Centennial Parks near Fourth Street viaduct on the Arkansas river in Canon City. It officially opened May 26, 2010 and on June 25, 26 the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival takes place.
  • Avon Whitewater Park - located on the Eagle River south of the town center under "Bob the Bridge" on Avon Road in Avon, Colorado. Constructed in 2006 the features were less than stellar and are in the process of being re-worked. For the latest info and all your riverboarding & kayaking needs visit Alpine Quest Sports (5 minutes) away in Edwards, CO
  • Breckenridge Whitewater Park- located behind the Recreation Center off Highway 9 and east of Kingdom Park in Breckenridge, Colorado. The park consists of 12 features on the Blue River complete with a pathway streamside. Flows are best during peak snowpack melt - late May and early June.
  • Adventure Sports Center International Whitewater Course- A man made course located at the top of Mt. Wisp which winds down the ski mountain and is very similar to natural whitewater - a great place to go riverboarding. Located minutes from McHenry, Maryland. 2008 - plans call for riverboarding!
  • U.S. National Whitewater Center- An outdoor adventure center with access to 300+ acres along the Catawba River 10 minutes from downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. opened September 2006 - RipBoard was the first riverboarding company allowed to riverboard this new whitewater course - see the pics. Riverboarding in 2008 will be allowed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays
  • Reno Whitewater Park - on the Truckee River in downtown Reno, Nevada. Opened in 2004, this is one of the best places in the country to try riverboarding and home to one of the best whitewater festivals in the country, Reno River Festival - riverboarding pics from Reno.
  • Ft. Worth Whitewater Park - a Gary Lacy design, that just opened this year on the Tarrant River floodway. At high flows the park yields some nice play features so y'all have to give it a go.
  • Casper Whitewater Park - new park opened on the platte river and enjoys good flows from June to September.
  • Dickerson Whitewater Course- Dickerson, Maryland - 35 miles northwest of Washington DC open to members only of the Bethesda Center of Excelence - membership info
  • East Race Whitewater Course - Open from June through August in South Bend, Indiana - 2 hour drive from Chicago

Whitewater Parks: Planned or Under Construction

  • Palisade Whitewater Park - planned for the Colorado River between Grand Junction and Palisade, CO. River access has been approved by Union Pacific so the permit process and fundraising efforts are starting.
  • Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park - diversion of water flows in the Colorado river began this Winter to accomodate the construction of the wave features with expected completion in Marthc 2008.
  • Stoneycreek Whitewater Park -Somerset County, Pennsylvania
  • Arkansas Whitewater Park - between Little Rock and Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Pueblo Whitewater Park - Arkansas river as it flows through Pueblo, Colorado.
  • Susquehannah Whitewater Park Alliance - group proposing a park along the Susquehanna river near Havre de Grace, MD
  • Bowling Green Whitewater Park - proposal under consideration for a whitewater course along the Barren River. and other possible sites in Kentucky
  • Canon City Whitewater Park - fund raising efforts are underway for the park and restoration of the Arkansas River in Canon City, Colorado.
  • Boise River Recreation Park - will bring a whole new set of play waves through stream improvements. Fund raising efforts are underway for the park in Boise, Idaho.
  • Mississippi City Whitewater Park - development corporation an non-profit organization working to build a multi-use whitewater park at St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota and revitalize this historic site.
  • Spokane River Whitewater Park - part of master plan to revitalize and clean-up the Spokane river. Friends of the Falls in Spokane, Washington are leading this project and report that a major milestone in funding was reached in 2007 leading to the possible start of construction in May 2008.

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